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DawsonBrownPS provides high quality legal services to individuals who have suffered loss of a family member, severe personal injury, or substantial financial loss through the wrongful conduct of individuals, corporations, or government. Listed below is a representative sampling of the types of cases we handle.

Automobile Collisions

Fortunately, many automobile collisions result in modest to moderate injuries. These cases are often settled by attorneys with a general law practice. Such cases are often less complex than those involving more serious injuries. However, where death or severe injury occurs, the claims will be vigorously resisted by insurance companies and experienced defense counsel with excellent trial skills. In order for the injured person to prevail it will often be necessary to make use of medical and other experts. There may also be difficult issues regarding the extent and availability of insurance coverage. In such cases it makes sense to retain experienced trial counsel who regularly handle catastrophic injury and death claims resulting from vehicle collisions. DawsonBrownPS attorneys have experience with such cases.

Semis / Large Trucks

While the law that applies to a semi or other large truck collision is similar to a regular automobile collision claim, much is different. Federal regulations may apply, and there may be significant issues regarding maintenance or mechanical failures. The insurers for trucking companies are often large commercial carriers with offices out of state. The injuries are often more serious when an 80,000 pound vehicle is involved. Such cases often require more investigation, the retention of special experts, and the commitment and experience to see such cases through to a successful completion.

Motorcycle Collisions

When there is a collision with a motorcycle the injuries are often more serious than when a person is protected by an automobile. In addition, the defense of motorcycle injury cases is often more vigorous than typical automobile collisions. Many times the allegation is that the motorcyclist was speeding when in fact he was not. There are reasons why witnesses often perceive motorcycles as traveling faster than they really were. We are prepared to deal with these kind of defenses, and overcome them.

DawsonBrownPS attorneys have experience with motorcycle collision cases.

Bicycle Collisions

Like motorcycle injury cases, bicycle injury cases often involve serious injuries. When the injury is to a child the consequences are sometimes tragic. The child may have injuries that will affect them for a lifetime. When the injuries are catastrophic the future medical bills may be in the millions of dollars. Providing for those future expenses, and taking the legal steps to protect that recovery for the benefit of a child is very important. There are special court rules relating to injuries caused to children. The court has the power to supervise such cases and must approve most settlements on behalf of minors.

DawsonBrownPS attorneys have experience with bicycle injury cases, with claims involving injuries to children, and with the court approval process that occurs when there is an injury to a child.

Pedestrian Collisions

When there is an automobile/pedestrian collision different rules of the road apply than when two automobiles collide. However, in many pedestrian cases the person who is struck is so seriously injured that they many not recall what happened. Early investigation and witness interviews are important in such cases, as is professional accident reconstruction.

DawsonBrownPS attorneys have experience with pedestrian injury cases.

Railroad Collisions

When a collision occurs between a train and an automobile (or a person) the consequences are often tragic or lethal. Because trains are so dangerous, and because they kill so many people nationwide, there are special rules requiring companies to operate trains in a careful manner. When trains are operated improperly, or the warning devices are inadequate or inoperative, then the railroad company can be liable for the damages caused.



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