Practice Areas – Assault

Intentional Torts / Assaults & Sexual Assault

When harm is caused by accident that is called negligence. When somebody intentionally hurts another person that may be a crime. The prosecutor in the criminal case handles the criminal charges. In the criminal case the person who caused the harm may be convicted and punished. However, the criminal case does not typically provide compensation for the damages done by the criminal act. For example, if a criminal stabs someone it is all well and good that the person goes to prison. But that doesn’t help the injured person pay the medical bills, make up for their lost wages, or deal with the permanent injury the criminal act may have caused.

In some circumstances it may make sense to sue the person who committed the criminal act, but to do so in civil court. In a civil claim for the criminal act a claim may generally be made for medical bills, lost wages, and for the pain and suffering that the criminal caused by his criminal act. These criminal acts can range from assaults and sexual assaults all the way up to criminal acts that cause death. DawsonBrownPS attorneys have experience with these intentional tort claims.