Selecting an Attorney

  • Do the attorneys have experience in my kind of case?
  • Do the attorneys have a proven track record of success in my kind of case?
  • Do other members of the legal profession hold the attorneys in high professional regard?
  • Does the firm have the staff, financial resources and stamina to vigorously pursue my claim?
  • Do I feel personally confident and comfortable with the attorneys who represent me?



When you have suffered the loss of a loved one, or catastrophic personal injury, you can be sure that the insurance companies will oppose your claim with experienced attorneys and vast financial resources. If you have suffered harm through the professional negligence of a doctor or lawyer, they will attempt to justify their acts and defeat your claim through the most vigorous defense possible. You may be sure that their attorneys are not defending such cases for the first time. It is essential for you to select legal counsel who regularly handle wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases.

DawsonBrownPS attorneys are experienced lawyers with a proven track record of success. To view the types of cases we have handled click here.

Bob Dawson is frequently asked to share his experience by speaking at legal seminars on subjects related to personal injury law. To view a list of presentations made at seminars for other lawyers, click here. Bob Dawson has also published articles and seminar papers on personal injury legal topics. To view a listing of Bob Dawson's publications and seminar papers on litigation topics, click here.


It is important that you select counsel who regularly handle the most serious of cases, such as wrongful death, disfigurement, and disabling personal injury, and who have a demonstrated history of obtaining outstanding results for their clients. To view a representative list of the verdicts and settlements obtained by DawsonBrownPS attorneys, click here.


One measure of the reputation of a law firm is the esteem in which the firm is held by other lawyers and judges. DawsonBrownPS receives case referrals from other attorneys, and sometimes even from judges. We represent attorneys and their family members who have been injured. We even receive referrals from insurance company attorneys and insurance adjusters. DawsonBrownPS attorneys are regularly asked to “associate” on cases, meaning that another attorney has asked us to step in and handle one of their cases.

Every DawsonBrownPS attorney has been rated "AV" by Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory. This rating means that each attorney has been rated by Judges and by our fellow attorneys as having a Very High to Preeminent rating for legal ability, and that we embrace a faithful adherence to ethical standards, professional reliability and diligence. The "AV" rating is awarded to less than 10% of all attorneys nationally and is the highest rating offered by the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.

DawsonBrownPS attorneys have been distinguished by selection as President of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association, and listed among “Seattle’s Best Lawyers,” “Washington State’s Super Lawyers” and “Best Lawyers in America.” The qualifications of each DawsonBrownPS attorney are set forth more fully in the “Our Attorneys” section of this website.


DawsonBrownPS is not a large factory law firm, nor are we store front lawyers. There are no beginners here. We screen our cases carefully to insure that our resources and skills are well suited to our clients’ needs. If we accept your case, every necessary resource is devoted to help insure a successful outcome. Every client has one specific attorney who will handle the case, and every client has a specific paralegal assigned to the case. In many cases, the primary attorney will be joined by a second experienced attorney for the final preparation before trial, and the actual trial of the case. Needless to say, serious personal injury and professional negligence cases are expensive to prosecute. Such cases can only be won through the testimony of highly qualified professional experts who will prove your side of the case. In a professional negligence case that goes to trial, such costs can exceed $100,000.00. Before you select your attorneys, you must be sure that the attorneys you choose have the financial resources to prosecute your case fully and vigorously.

Finally, you must be personally confident and comfortable with the law firm and the individuals who work on your case. DawsonBrownPS takes pride in the warm and enthusiastic relationship we maintain with our clients. Our attorneys are also honored to have been selected by other law firms to represent their clients, or to associate as counsel on their cases. We would like to think that in choosing the attorneys of DawsonBrownPS you can have confidence that you have made the same decision made by leading members of the legal profession for their own clients.

If we accept your case we think you will appreciate the effort that is put forth and the way your case is handled.