Peter Brown is one of the finest people I've ever met. He, along with his partner Bob Dawson, and Brenda and Courtney, their paralegals have handled my granddaughter's case. She was tragically burned in a house fire and suffered extreme injuries. They have handled this case as though my granddaughter was their own family member. They've been incredible ambassadors on her behalf and have been beyond kind to all of us in her family. They have always taken the time to explain what was happening in the case and answered every possible question. They only take cases that they believe in, and, as their slogan goes, they are truly exceptional lawyers for exception cases. I would add to that they are exceptional people who happen to be exceptional lawyers who only take exceptional cases. They have stood up for the little girl who is the dearest thing in life to me, were successful in making those most responsible for her injuries held accountable, and winning an award of money that she will desperately need as she grows and continues to have surgeries.

Words are inadequate to express the high esteem in which I hold Peter and his team. They will serve you and your loved ones in ways that are more than you could possibly ask for.