Bob and his team are a group of amazing people. They treated us extremely well. They always kept us informed of our case, answered any questions we had, and even traveled at least 50 miles north to come to our house since my husband was injured and we had a newborn as well. To say we were satisfied doesn't even come close to how we feel. They did an amazing job and we still keep in contact with them almost 5 years later.


We consider them friends and would trust them with our lives. They are completely upfront and honest with you and talk to you in terms you can understand. Bob is the sweetest man and yet a complete bulldog when he has to fight for you and we loved that about him. I would recommend him to everyone and will talk highly about him until the day I am no longer here. Thank you, Bob! (& team)

Client involved in Car Accident, ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭