Mr. Dawson came to me by the highest recommendation. He navigated through a fairly complicated case and got a just settlement for me and my family. The insurance company we had to deal with was fairly obnoxious and at first would not even recognize their liability in the accident which claimed my right leg. Bob was kind and firm in his negotiations with them, but more than that, he was completely prepared to take my case to trial if need be. It took about two years of his time, effort and resources to get it done.


Insurance companies should beware taking him on. He is an honest man, which is rare enough in society these days and even rarer in the attorney profession. He stands for the truth, and insists upon it from his clients and the insurance companies or other folks he has to deal with. He has integrity and truly cares for people who have been hurt. Anyone listening to him for just a few minutes will understand what I mean. He is my friend.

Personal Injury Client , ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭