Mr. Dawson was my husbands attorney for an accident approximately 8 years ago. Previous to Mr. Dawson we had tried another attorney; but, due to all the paper work, doc. statements, and loss of wages from the business we owned at the time, he simply could not come through for us. Mr. Dawson not only made everything much easier on us, but he was always there to answer any questions we had with a smile. Mr. Dawson handled all the legal issues and fought every battle that came up. Many hours this man invested into my husbands case, and always did so with a kind and gentle spirit towards us.

We could be stressed beyond all belief yet he was always there encouraging us. He never was too busy to for us to call; and during the rare occasions he was, the call was always returned promptly. Mr. Dawson is an amazing lawyer, and here is why.


5 years ago my husband passed away. Lawsuit wasn't settled, there were two of them. Previous lawyers told me to close and pay back medical, court, and attorney fees. Well, Mr. Dawson again had our back. He fought for me and did not owe me a thing. He was out a lot of money yet he talked with me in comfort and still spoke highly of my husband.
Well one day he called me into his office and said i had some money. I did not understand, if anything, I owed a lot of money.
Well the money he said I had received was in fact his attorney fees! This man worked for two hard years for my husband and I and did not make one cent. Everything went to my children and I.
Mr. Dawson is not only the most honest man I know, But the most hard working attorney as well. In conclusion, not only Is Mr. Dawson a great attorney on paper, He will go many extra miles for you. In all honesty I feel truly blessed to have met such a wonderful man. And I wish him the best in all his future cases.

Client involved in a Car Accident , ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭